The Environment Network

The Environment Network

The Environment Network (TEN)

Is a coming together of Knowsley based private business, Knowsley Chamber of Commerce, Knowsley Borough Council and other strategic environmental partners.  We believe that the partnering between the public and private sectors will assist the successful economic development of the borough, the businesses and the wider community.   

Put simply, we believe that together we can make a difference.

The Vision for TEN is to develop a sustainable safe and healthy environment for the people and businesses in Knowsley to live and work by.

The Aim for TEN is to:

  • Be the lead business network in Knowsley for all environmental and health and safety matters;
  • Help businesses in Knowsley become more competitive and resilient through engaging in energy and resource efficiency and adopting best practice for health and safety methods  - to the benefit of the company, their employees and the environment;
  • Promote companies within the Chamber that provide products and services that help improve efficiency and reduce waste; 
  • Promote companies within the Chamber that have taken steps to make  their businesses more sustainable, for example through case studies;
  • Improve business performance through adopting environmental and health and safety credentials;
  • Improve the chances and opportunities for companies to win business through environmental and health and safety credentials;
  • Champion, help and support businesses who engage in environmental and sustainable practices;
  • Provide training, business support and funding advice.

Through TEN we will:

  • Provide advice, information and support on a range of health and safety, and environmental issues, including existing and new legislation;
  • Attract specialist speakers for topics relevant to business;
  • Provide practical guidance and solutions;
  • Meet regularly as a stakeholder group to share ideas, views and updates.

Alan Ogilvie, KME's Facilities Manager and a 'TEN' Green Ambassador says, "Joining The Environment Network has helped us to save money and become more environmentally friendly at the same time.  Small businesses may be reluctant to look at ways of reducing their impact on the environment, perhaps as they feel it will increase their costs or they just don't know where to start. TEN is there to offer advice and support and I recommend it to anyone looking to do their bit for the environment and reduce their costs".

Upcoming TEN meetings are on:

Wednesday 29 October at Knowsley Chamber of Commerce

If you would like to attend The Environment Network, please book via our Events page.


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