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Chamber Utilities

Chamber Utilities™ helps members convert energy wastage into bottom line profit and to purchase utilities at a more competitive price.

Energy costs are increasing year on year, switching over to Chamber Utilities™ will help you to manage these increases.

Chamber members throughout the UK are saving hundreds of thousands of pounds on their gas, electricity and water bills through taking 5 smart steps - registering their contract renewal date so they don't miss it and suffer 'out of contract tariffs,' using a smarter contract procurement strategy, looking at smart solutions on energy management, all to bring increased control and efficiency - resulting in lower energy costs to their business. 

So start saving money now. Go to to register and book your FREE utility cost evaluation by Chamber Utilities™ expert analysts or pick up the phone and call (0844 225 1650 or call Sheila Toft on 0151 477 1356)