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Working Well

Working Well is supported by Knowsley Council and Knowsley Chamber of Commerce. We are committed to improving the health and wellbeing of the Borough’s residents and workforce. The aim of the Working Well programme is to support businesses to encourage their staff to make healthier choices in the workplace, and to ensure appropriate policies are in place to provide a healthier working environment.

Working Well is based on targeted actions around:-

  • healthy eating
  • physical activity
  • alcohol reduction
  • smoking cessation
  • mental health and wellbeing
  • health and safety

These actions will be promoted to all businesses in the borough.

Through an effective working partnership between Knowsley Council and Knowsley Chamber of Commerce the targeted action of the Working Well programme will contribute to the long term aim of narrowing the gap on health inequalities and reducing premature mortality rates (with a particular focus on lifestyle related illness such as heart disease, strokes and obesity).

Working Well Grants (if you wish to apply call 0151 477 1356/07500 765 201 to arrange a visit)

Working Well can offer a grant to support healthy lifestyle choices and/or positive mental health and wellbeing. The grants are evaluated by an independent panel, who meet after the closing date for applications. The panel evaluate on a number of criteria, but these include applications that:-

  • Involve staff members in planning activities / initiatives
  • Supports staff to make positive changes to their lifestyle

Small grants of up to £750 per company/organisation are available for health related proposals and activities. The definition of SME for these purposes is 2-249 employees.

A Workplace Health Initiative is one which:

  • Supports healthy lifestyle choices
  • Supports positive mental health and wellbeing
  • Involves staff members in planning their activity
  • Supports staff to make positive changes to their lifestyle

Applications that demonstrate clear elements of sustainability once the funding has ceased will be given priority. Examples of activities (this list is non-exhaustive and for example only):-

Increasing physical activity

  • Contribution towards installation of cycle storage racks
  • Contribution towards installation of shower facilities
  • Provision of onsite exercise classes
  • Development of walking route maps
  • Development of walking or cycling groups

Improving healthy eating

  • Contribution to improving / installing kitchen equipment for non profit use
  • Funding to allow onsite training (healthy eating / cooking on a budget etc)
  • Support to develop outdoor growing space
  • Fruit on the desk schemes

Improving mental wellbeing

  • Training for staff (eg resilience or stress management training)
  • Funding towards onsite counselling
  • Support for onsite wellbeing programme (e.g. Mini massage)

Fieldway Group: "Without the opportunity for health checks during works time provided by the Working Well programme, ailments are commonly missed until it is too late ... it has already proved invaluable. "

Richmond Fellowship: "The Working Well program has been beneficial to the Richmond Fellowship. We were successful in obtaining the grant and have dedicated these funds to the following: Nintendo Wii, Indian Head Massage and fresh fruit deliveries."

Bromley Cleaning Services: "I have noticed an improvement in our staff morale, which in turn has increased productivity; due to Working Well. Our business has found the scheme very beneficial, as it has helped the workforce realise we have their best interest at heart, and they really feel like they're being looked after. We were also successful in obtaining the grant and have used these funds on holistic therapies, fruit drop offs from the Veggie Van and also swimming passes. All at Bromley Cleaning were delighted that we were successful with the Wokring Well grant and will use it ot our advantage, to improve our wellbeing".

Terms and Conditions

  1. Any application for funding must meet the definition of a Workplace Health Initiative as outlined above.
  2. All companies / organisations / charities/ social enterprises (the business) that are based in the borough of Knowsley can sign up to the Working Well programme.
  3. To be eligible for the funding from the Small Grants for Workplace Health Initiatives the business must sign and work towards the "Working Well" (WW) programme.
  4. SMEs (2-249 employees) will be eligible to apply to the healthy workforce grant scheme for a grant. Under the Working Well Programme a single grant can typically be anything up to a maximum of £750 in any one financial year (1 April to 31 March).
  5. Businesses compromising of only 1 staff member can sign up to Working Well Programme but will not be eligible to receive funding / grants.
  6. The business must be compliant with law and practice in relation to diversity and equal opportunities and demonstrate that they have an active commitment to take account of the needs of different groups of individuals within the organisation
  7. The business must acknowledge in any publicity or promotion, that Working Well Small Grants for Health Initiatives has helped fund activities, eg. On any printed / promotional materials, website, Intranet, etc.
  8. The eligibility of businesses will be based upon the business demonstrating that it has relevant and compliant Health and Safety policies and insurances in place.
  9. The business must have Public and Employers Liability insurance in place.
  10. In support of the application the business must provide evidence of costs for the activities eg. Quotations. The business must keep records of income and expenditure in relation to the activities undertaken. Once expenditure has been incurred the business must send receipts to Knowsley Chamber of Commerce.
  11. Large business (250 staff plus) are excluded from accessing the healthy workplace grant scheme as it is assumed they already have the capacity to support staff health and wellbeing. Whilst not eligible for a grant, large businesses will be actively encouraged to participate in Working Well, and will be supported to achieve regional and national Working Well standards.
  12. Should all funding be claimed prior to the end of the application period the funding scheme will be closed, businesses will be advised, and no further applications will be able to be submitted.
  13. Grant monies will only be paid by BACS into a business bank account (details of the Sort Code and Account number must be provided on the application form). Monies cannot be paid into a personal bank account.


Appointing a Workplace Health Champion is an important and valuable way of taking forward the health and wellbeing agenda within your company. The appointed Champion will act as a point of contact to actively promote Working Well to the staff, and can receive FREE training. Click here for more information.

Call us on 0151 477 1356 or 07500 765 201 to arrange an appointment for our Working Well Officer to visit you at your business or organisation.