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As one of the world’s leading tax incentive and innovation management advisers, ABGI is here to help your business.

With 30+ year heritage, 200 experts and advisers, and £1billion of global tax incentives managed annually for a broad range of clients including some of the world’s best-known brands.

ABGI-UK aim to help clients accelerate and fund their innovations. They operate on the entire value chain of innovation through their multidisciplinary international teams. They specialise in helping companies who are already claiming tax incentives but are looking to optimise their claim, experience a better service or pay a more competitive price – or all of the above of course.

ABGI-UK have helped Knowsley businesses secure £600K in tax relief in the past year…

ABGI-UK was taken on board by Knowsley Chamber as its first-ever Executive Partner in January 2020 to help local businesses maximise the tax benefits on innovation-focused projects. After being introduced to a number of Knowsley businesses, ABGI-UK worked closely with six companies over 2020, helping them successfully recover hundreds of thousands of pounds in R&D tax relief through direct cash credits or as reductions in tax liabilities. THEY CAN HELP YOUR BUSINESS TOO…

Through ABGI-UK’s support, these companies will increase the value of their R&D tax relief claims by 150%, from £400K to nearly £600K on £2.4m of spending on R&D.

Russell McGrath, Innovation Funding Specialist for ABGI-UK, said: “Despite the pandemic, which restricted our ability to meet with many local businesses in-person, we were still able to work closely with them and provide hands-on support. This is a credit to the close and trusted relationship between Knowsley Chamber and the local business community and now ABGI-UK.

“Our partnership with Knowsley Chamber has enabled us to bring real value to local companies which are developing prototypes or enhancing their manufacturing processes by helping them maximise R&D tax relief benefits and free up more funds for further innovation investment.


07572 238 503