A 5-step guide to employee management


One of the most common reasons for employees leaving their jobs is due to poor management from their employers. The working relationship between an employee and an employer plays a big part in an employee’s performance and disputes between both can have a significant impact on the business.

Since the abolishment of employment tribunal fees in 2017 the number of tribunal claims have increased significantly. It is important that employers avoid litigation or minimise the risk. With the number of employment tribunals on the rise, companies should seek to minimise disputes between employees and employers to keep ET claims to a minimum.

Employers must ensure they comply with legislation and apply fair and reasonable processes. In well managed company’s; employees will feel confident in approaching management to discuss areas of concern with a view of seeking a resolution without litigation.

Quest have come up with a 5-step guide to managing your employees based on the top 5 reasons for tribunal claims.

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