7 minutes to save a life – How quickly can help be administered?

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How quickly can defibrillator help be administered?

One of the most crucial elements of using a defibrillator when someone has a cardiac arrest is how quickly help can be administered.

The Resuscitation Council recommend that ideally a defibrillator should not be further away than 2 minutes brisk walk or 200m one way.

Considering that from point of acknowledging a defibrillator is required, there is only about 7 minutes to save someone’s life – so that journey time to get the defibrillator should ideally be as short as possible.

If you have a large building, consider one unit on each floor as it is not advised that the person obtaining the unit should not need to take any stairs, elevators or lifts to reach the defibrillator.

Also consider if you have any outbuildings, or any hard to access areas – would this delay the time taken to reach the defibrillator?

Ideally, the shock needs to be administered within the first 3-5 minutes from point of collapse, so having a defibrillator that is hidden from plain sight, has no signage or in a locked building will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the procedure.

If you do have a defibrillator on site, is it registered with The Circuit?

This allows the emergency services whilst on the phone to pinpoint the exact location of the closest unit to the casualty.

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