AFC Knowsley to build new Pavilion on Lord Derby Playings fields

One of our newest members, AFC Knowsley, (a Community Interest Company), was recently awarded a £1.2 million grant (combined from the Football Association, ION Developments and Bellway Homes) to build a new Pavilion at the Lord Derby Playings fields just off Knowsley Lane.  

The purpose of the Pavilion is to continue the great work they do in providing football opportunities for all.  They currently have 475 members, 28 football teams and 57 volunteers.

Paul Hennessey Managing Director of Adapt (UK) Training Services Limited has took up the volunteering role as the clubs Commercial Officer and is looking to expand the Pavilions usage to ensure it becomes a firm central point for the community.


The club is looking to start a steering group controlled by local residents and the club, this will help the club understand how the local community would like to see the Pavilion being used.

Initial ideas are to offer the following –

– A fixed drop off point for Knowsley Foodbank
– Educational & Training Purposes
– Wellbeing Events
– Football Development for Novices
– Walk & Talk Club
– Running Club
– Cycle Club
– Chess Club
– Book Club
– Revision Club
– Social Gathering
– Sports Days

Paul said: “This is a great opportunity for the residents of Knowsley in so many ways.  When I was asked to come on board I said yes without hesitation because I could see the benefits immediately.  Whether its getting out of the house, getting fit, meeting new friends, having an input into your community or volunteering to help – its certainly a foot in the right direction for anybody.  The effects of the pandemic have dramatic and this is a great initiative to help those who have found it hard.  We look forward to engaging with local residents and companies soon.”

For more information on the clubs or how to become a volunteer, please visit the clubs website 

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