Bespoke training offer for members with Waterside

New Chamber Member, Waterside Training (a dedicated Technical Apprenticeship & training provider) has been working closely with a large pharmaceutical company over the past 18 months developing and delivering bespoke Mechanical Maintenance Training.

This 1-week course provides knowledge and practical skills to individuals who wish to become multi-skilled enabling them to carry out routine mechanical maintenance tasks on machinery.

The programme has been designed as an entry point for typically electrical crafts people who are cross skilling and is also recognised as the 2nd phase for the development of operator maintainers and individuals continued professional development.

The benefit of bespoke training is to suit company specific operations and learn directly on the processes which they already know to further enhance their knowledge and skills.

If you are interested in discussing bespoke packages for any areas of training, please call us on 01744 616837 to speak direct with a member of the team. Chamber Member might also qualify for discounts on their training.