A deal with the EU is done – but you may still need to take action to trade with Europe

New Export Support Service for UK Businesses

DIT has launched the new Export Support Service. The Export Support Service is a new helpline and online service where all UK businesses can get answers to practical questions about exporting to Europe. The service is a ‘one-stop shop’ and brings together UK government information, making it easier for exporters to access advice and support…
NEW Export Support Service helpline

The Export Support Service is a new helpline for UK businesses to get answers to practical questions about exporting to Europe. The service is a ‘one-stop shop’ and brings together UK government information, making it easier for exporters to access advice and support. If you have a specific question about importing, exporting or customs reliefs call: 0300-303-8955. The helpline is open from 8am to 10pm Monday to Friday and from 8am to 4pm at weekends.


Knowsley Chamber and the Knowsley Business Team are committed to helping you start or continue to trade with the EU.

As with any major change, there will be challenges as we adjust to new ways of doing business with the EU. 

Brexit: guidance for businesses

Brexit: guidance for businesses – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)


  1. Importing and exporting
  2. Travelling to the EU
  3. Providing services to the EU
  4. Transport goods to the EU
  5. Exchanging data with EU businesses


Gov Trade Expert Help – If you can’t find answers at GOV.UK/transition, fill out the enquiry form on this link and a trade expert will try to help, vist: www.great.gov.uk/transition-period/contact/

To check the UK Global Tariff – that will apply to goods you import from 1 January 2021 and to check the difference between what you pay now and what you’ll pay from 1 January 2021, visit: www.GOV.UK/check-tariffs-1-january-2021

If you need help finding your Commodity Code visit: www.GOV.UK/guidance/finding-commodity-codes-for-imports-or-exports

If you need help classifying your goods, visit: www.GOV.UK/guidance/ask-hmrc-for-advice-on-classifying-your-goods

For the latest information on signed trade agreements (outside EU) visit: www.GOV.UK/guidance/uk-trade-agreements-with-non-eu-countries

For further information on the UK GSP including how to claim with a proof of origin visit: http://www.gov.uk/guidance/trading-with-developing-nations-from-1-january-2021

Review the End of Transition guidance on exporting controlled goods: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/exporting-controlled-goods-after-eu-exit

Businesses can report a trade barrier here: www.great.gov.uk/report-trade-barrier/

For guidance on placing goods on the GB market visit: www.gov.uk/guidance/placing-manufactured-goods-on-the-market-in-great-britain-from-1-january-2021

For guidance on placing goods on the EU market visit: www.gov.uk/guidance/placing-manufactured-goods-on-the-eu-market-from-1-january-2021

For guidance on using the UKCA marking visit: www.gov.uk/guidance/using-the-ukca-mark-from-1-january-2021

For guidance on placing goods on the market in Northern Ireland visit: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/placing-manufactured-goods-on-the-market-in-northern-ireland-from-1-january-2021

For guidance on moving goods between NI and GB and vice versa visit: www.gov.uk/government/publications/moving-goods-under-the-northern-ireland-protocol

For guidance on using the UKNI marking visit: www.gov.uk/guidance/using-the-ukni-marking-from-1-january-2021

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ALL EXPORTS – Wood Packaging – From 1 January 2021, all Wood Packaging Material – pallets; crates; boxes; cable drums; spools; and drummage – moving between GB and the EU must be treated and marked in compliance with international standards known as ISPM15, which are in place to protect the EU and GB from harmful plant pests and diseases. WPM that has not been treated and marked appropriately can require goods to be re-loaded onto compliant pallets at the border or place of inspection. For more details, visit: www.gov.uk/wood-packaging-import-export


We have teamed up with Halton Chamber, Liverpool Chamber and St Helens Chamber. The four Chambers are joining forces on all things Brexit and International Trade.

We are cross-promoting all of our Brexit and international trade events, workshops and webinars. This will bring the added bonus of member discounts across more events.

If you are a member of Knowsley Chamber you can access the Membership Discount price for any transition related event, hosted by any of the four Chambers in 2020/21.

In 2019/20 Knowsley Chamber made contact with thousands of Knowsley businesses to offer support regarding Business Readiness & Brexit. 18 businesses attended our Business Readiness Event and we provided 9 in-depth 1:1 Brexit advice surgeries. In 2020/21 we are ready to continue our support and open further 1:1 surgeries if required.  If you wish to find out more or register for a one-to-one Brexit/Transition meeting, then email lorna.marshall@knowsleychamber.org.uk

Customs Clearance Support Member Offer – If you are unfamiliar with customs procedures you will need the help of experienced professionals. As a Knowsley Chamber Member, Customwise will provide you with a free 15-minute consultation. Find out more HERE