Business Watch

Businesses that work together can reduce opportunities for criminal behaviour to occur, eg. shoplifting, theft, cyber crime, fraud, vandalism and anti-social behaviour, against individual businesses and the business community in general.

In the same way as Neighbourhood Watch schemes have led to a reduction of crime in residential areas, Knowsley Business Watch aims to reduce crime against businesses.

We have established links between the business community and the Police, Fire & Rescue Service, and Knowsley Council. We work together to:-

  • Report crime effectively observing and reporting to Police on crimes and suspicious activities that could lead to crime
  • Identify techniques to marking all equipment, machines, etc., with traceable identification numbers for deterrence and tracing
  • Prevent robbery eliminating “easy prey” crime opportunities
  • Prevent burglary: adding security measures to impede criminals, detect criminal activity, and communicate with the Police
  • Self-protection: learning to recognise dangerous situations, and learning how to prevent, avoid, or flee them
  • Protect businesses taking measures and advice on how to protect your business and your staff, including fire prevention, risk assessments, cylinder safety
  • Business continuity advice from professionals on planning and processes

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