Clarke Energy acquires TEB of Romania and Genelco of Greece

Clarke Energy, a Kohler Company, is expanding its geographical reach through the acquisition of TEB Energy Business S.A. of Romania with its subsidiary Genelco Power Systems Ltd of Greece.

This acquisition includes the addition of 38 new employees and an installed gas engine fleet in these countries of more than 200 MW in the field. The businesses are located in their nations’ capitals, Bucharest and Athens, respectively.

Clarke Energy is one of the largest distributors of INNIO Jenbacher. Now operating in 27 countries with more than 1,200 employees, the business has sold and installed more than 6.9 GW of power generation equipment globally, which is equivalent to 18 million homes’ power generation needs.

There is a significant installed base of Jenbacher gas engines in both Romania and Greece. Clarke Energy will bring its expertise and strength to support these customers and their gas engines’ long-term performance, said Jamie Clarke, president of Clarke Energy. This will be achieved through training, investment in local parts supplies, remote monitoring, and support from the wider Clarke Energy group of companies.

“TEB and Genelco are a great fit to join the Clarke Energy group of companies, and we share many synergies,” Clarke said. “We aim to support and grow these businesses using our expertise in the gas engine sector and continue to deliver industry-leading levels of equipment performance.”

Like Clarke Energy’s core business, TEB and Genelco focus on delivering quality gas engine installations backed by reliable aftersales support. Clarke Energy’s strengths in the fields of application engineering, project management and aftersales service support will boost the offerings to TEB and Genelco customers in Romania and Greece.

The Romanian gas engine segment is characterised by growth in the combined heat and power plant industry, along with district heating, areas in which Clarke Energy has significant experience. With the increase in intermittent renewable power generation in Romania, grid balancing is in demand. That can be done efficiently with gas-based peaking stations, and Clarke Energy has provided a similar service in the United Kingdom.

Greece is characterised by growth in the biogas sector in two areas:

  • Renewable energy is being generated from biogas coming from the digestion of food waste or sewage sludge.
  • Biogas is being recovered from landfill sites.


Clarke Energy has significant biogas experience, supplying more than 1,300 MW of engines into the biogas sector. In addition, Clarke Energy is a member of the World Biogas Association.

About TEB

TEB Energy Business S.A. is based in Bucharest and is an authorized distributor for INNIO Jenbacher in Romania. TEB employs 30 people. The installed base of Jenbacher gas engines in Romania is more than 182 MW.

About Genelco

Genelco Power Systems, a subsidiary of TEB Energy Business S.A., is based in Athens and is an authorized distributor for INNIO Jenbacher in Greece. Genelco employs eight people. The installed base of Jenbacher gas engines in Greece is 41 MW.