Covid Return to Work Assessment by randr Safety Systems

As restrictions lift and we all slowly return to the workplace, we need to address both workplace and personal concerns regarding feeling safe to return to our workstations and offices following the national lockdown.

Practical issues such as machinery and equipment calibration and re-start safety, if workplaces have been shut down for a period of time.  Are test certificates upto date for workplace drivers and machinery operators?  Have key trained first aid and fire staff changed or now moved on due to COVID related staff changes?   Certificate may no longer be current? You may have changes in working patterns to allow for safe distancing and flexible working how does this affect key staff, have you re visited risk assessments to allow for process and workplace changes?

This all sounds a lot to deal with, but randr can work with you to identify areas that require support, updating and retraining for staff.

Our workplace COVID risk assessments, observations and report will identify areas that may now be vulnerable, changes to processes that require upskilling and refresher training and general workplace safety to meet a COVID safe working environment.

Our inspection team are health and safety and fire trained staff with many years of practical experience in business and industry with a wide sector knowledge. We are practical and approachable and we want to work with you to improve compliance and engage your teams. Workplace Safely is a journey not a destination and we can be with you all along the way.

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