Dams Furniture deliver to NHS Nightingale and can now help with your re-opening plans

Matt Aldcroft from local furniture supplier, Dams Furniture, can help your business with a range of screening and other additional furniture to help you with your reopening plans. Matt has provided us with a story about how the Dams team has been helping the nation, in his own words…

“At Dams we have a core team of dedicated staff that have really worked hard through adversity for Dams and have helped the country get settled in to working from home and helped key organisations such as the NHS meet their demands.

The Dams warehouse and transport team led by Tommy Hibbs has been incredible in continuing to get our highly stocked chairs out to home worker all over the country. They have continuously worked through with a team of key staff and have overcome the challenges of Lockdown. We were most proud to have been involved in delivering to Nightingale Sites and NHS sites all over the country.

We worked past the lockdown commencement , 24 March, to get our NHS orders completed, and now we are back to a larger upholstery shift again making chairs for the NHS and our other customers. We are also finalising sub-contract fabric services to help the NHS achieve its PPE demands in cooperation with other local businesses.

With a remote working sales,  accounts, marketing and IT team we have managed to keep the wheels turning so we can get through this tough time. Covid19 has hit the wider Dams family of people and those connected with our business. We send out our wishes and support to those who have been affected.

Our current efforts have been on preparing new ranges of products (two examples above) to allow companies to return safely back to work when the time is right with protective screens and distancing measures, in line with Public Health England recommendations.

View the range of Protective_screens_MyDams

TO DISCUSS YOUR REQUIREMENTS CONTACT: Matt Aldcroft, DAMS Furniture Ltd. Email: MAldcroft@dams.com | Tel: 0151 548 7111 Ext: 2316 Mob: 07802 413051 | www.dams.com