Change, Grow, Live

Knowsley Change, Grow, Live is a health and social care charity working with individuals, families and communities across Knowsley who are affected by drugs, alcohol, crime and homelessness. Our projects are delivered in communities, schools and prisons and help encourage and empower to regain control of their lives and motivate them to tackle their issues.

We are an integrated substance misuse service including clinical services, recovery support and young persons services across Knowsley. Knowsley Integrated Recovery Service provides a range of structured one-to-one and group psychosocial interventions.

We offer recovery focused groups and workshops to accommodate all service users such as allotments, fishing and cycling groups. A range of brief & extended interventions for alcohol user plus engagement and outreach support. We offer community detox for drugs and alcohol with full support & aftercare in the community. Referral to inpatient detox and signposting to rehabilitation services. Access to shared care available in collaboration with GP surgeries in Knowsley.

A needle & syringe programme including a range of harm reduction interventions, including testing and vaccinations for Blood Borne Viruses. Medically assisted recovery options with liaison with specialist criminal justice support and partnership working with Probation and CRC.

CGL offer training and education for individuals, communities, employers and families, peer led recovery activities with links to external training, employment and education opportunities.

CGL offer free training in substance misuse to partners, businesses and stakeholders in Knowsley.

Phone No. 0151 482 6291
Address The Peake Centre,
Chapel Brook Park,
11-14 Wilson Road,
L36 6FH