Home 2 Office Watercoolers Ltd

We constantly strive to offer the highest levels of professionalism and service in all that we do, without compromising our traditional family values.

The drive to achieve these goals stems from two deep-rooted beliefs:
1. “In life you should treat everybody how you would like to be treated yourself.”

2. “ In business, customer service is the absolute key to success.
Get either of these right and you stand a chance, get both right and who knows!

Mission Statement:
It is our ambition to support our customers and company personnel with the highest levels of professionalism and service, at all times and in all that we do.

From our extensive range of suppliers and through consultation, we aim to provide the most appropriate solution to your specific needs and ensure that we not only deliver this to you, but do so in a manner that encourages long-lasting business and personal relationships.

Whatever the need, we simply want to help.

Customer Care Promise:
•We will always listen.
•We will provide you with a dedicated account manager
•Service Calls & frequencies will be agreed by you and only altered with your approval.
•All reported faults will be dealt with in the shortest possible time. If the fault is going to take longer than 48 hours to respond to, we will contact you with an arrival time.
•Our Service Team will attend your premises wearing a company uniform and will adhere to your company rules and regulations.


Here at Home 2 Office Water Coolers we truly believe that buying local makes a great impact to the community we live and work in.

We are based just off Arbour Lane, Knowsley industrial estate, so we are surrounded by some fantastic businesses, who like us are just trying to get through a crazy pandemic.

Although we are in a pandemic, the regeneration of Knowsley and Kirkby is still happening around us, new shops, offices, supermarkets, even new homes, plus much more, so once things start to get a bit easier for society, this regeneration is going to bring massive footfall to the community.

The idea behind this campaign of ours, is to encourage you all to #buylocal, shop local, stay local and support all the businesses you can within the surrounding areas of Knowsley, that little coffee from a local cafe will make a great difference to their business and go a really long way.

We’d love local businesses to join in with our campaign by sharing this post, get the message out to the people around us, to get supporting the community and to encourage all their friends, families, fellow business people to #BUYLOCAL

Let’s spread the word – WATCH OUR VIDEO…


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Arbour Lane,
L33 7XE

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