Ai Change Management

We are a people and business development organisation…

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We believe Organisation Design, like all change is primarily a ‘people process’. Changes may be driven by new technology or strategic shift, yet the essential focus to make change happen is people.

Our team has worked in organisations across public, private and voluntary sectors and we have a wealth of experience to share with you.

We are seeking to create a community in which we can support and challenge one another.

We have developed a series of learning experiences to help you create and maintain the health of your organisation.

Our expertise is helping organisations restructure or redesign in order to deliver their strategic purpose with an organisational development mind-set.

We provide learning products for all of the supporting activities such as culture, leadership and team development. Click here to see our range of products.


We have developed our approach to Organisation Design with our team over a number of years, whilst working with partners, in order to make it simple yet robust. All of the stages described are supported by tools and techniques, designed to build your capability.

  • People focused – ensuring that your people are involved and engaged
  • Sequential – helping you identify what is needed next
  • Intentional – helping you design your organisation around your purpose
  • Intelligent – helping you use data to inform your choices


Phone No. 07527 816 616
Address 8 Water Street,
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