Ident Creative

Ident Creative is a marketing and design agency based in Knowsley. If you’re a new ambitious business or an established mid-sized company and need help with marketing, branding, website design & development, design for print or anything else you use to communicate with customers then we’d love to talk to you.


Historically we began as a studio designing traditionally printed marketing materials such as brochures, exhibitions and point of sale which enabled our clients to communicate with their customers, generating new business, reinforcing customer loyalty and increasing sales.


Applying our design and marketing skills we build fully manageable websites to enable businesses large and small to thrive online. Whether it is a cost effective 2 or 3 page website to a full e-commerce site selling thousands of products we have helped many businesses take their first steps into online marketing.


Often, business software solutions are out for reach for many small and medium sized businesses because of cost and complexity. We have developed a solution that can grow with your business to be as simple or complex as the business needs.

So, imagine having a quote system that could deliver quotes much faster, or you need to manage staff across multiple shifts in multiple locations or you need a training system booking people on courses and producing certificates. Doing any of these activities manually is time consuming. Whatever your process is, we can build software systems that match your way of doing things for an affordable price. Our platform means we can build what your business needs rather than buy an off-the-shelf solution or cobbling together several apps to do one job.

Phone No. 07980 806 370