Integr8ed Systems Limited

With over 20 years experience in the industry INTEGR8ED SYSTEMS aims to provide its customers with the best possible ICT Solutions.

Using dedicated ICT professionals that make technology work for SME businesses as it does already for the corporate sector. We are a company that believes in strong partnerships and technical excellence and our aim is always to provide our clients with quality solutions and services that deliver value quickly.

INTEGR8ED SYSTEMS is dedicated to providing reliable, high quality management and support of technol-ogy infrastructures consisting of local-area-networks, and wide-area-networks for many types of businesses and to exceed expectations with every customer.

Through our distinctive approach, we strive to build mutually beneficial business relationships by providing an uncompromising service and first-class support for all of our customers’ needs and wants. Partnering with them to provide quality solutions and services that deliver value quickly.


Phone No. 0845 055 0086
Address Victoria House, North Mersey Business Centre, Woodward Road, Kirkby, Merseyside L33 7UY