Pain Point Coach

My name is John Bullock and I help FREE corporations and their teams from STRESS using sport and the joy of movement making their people more cohesive, greater work flow and bringing in projects faster.

Sport is the only time we are truly in the moment dropping our every day concerns and the masks we wear at work. Once I have you truly focused I strategically and tactically introduce a small amount of stress to see how you respond, and how the response effects you and impacts your team and vice versa.

After the training session we sit, discuss and reflect with one another so we can learn from the experience. That’s why using sport as a metaphor in this way breaks down barriers because people will open up about their experience in sport in away they will not whilst in the culture of work.

The idea is to take the learning experience from the sporting arena back with you into the work environment.

What makes this activity so magical?

Shared experience is the key to learning. Experiences with emotional attachment are stored in long term memory and hence more likely to be effective and produce a greater rate of return.

A bit about your host.

Two times British Light Weight Kick Boxing Champion, 1983 Senior Kick Boxing Champion, 1981 Junior Kick Boxing Champion, Retired A Class Kick Boxer, 34 Fights, 24 Wins, 3 K.O. Hardest Fight Liverpool 1984 John Bullock v Oliver Harrison 5×3 minute rounds Thai Boxing 

Years Active 1979 – 1987 8 years , 40+ years coaching experience , Trainer of 7 UK Champions, Two Black belts in Thai Kick Boxing & Ju Jitsu , Ku Certificate Muay Thai registered in Thailand 

My Thai/Kick Boxing Instructors – Grand Master Toddy / Master Ronnie Green and my brother Jeff Bullock Head of ISKA Australia, My Ju Jitsu instructors Sensi John Hall & Sensi Keith Grosz , Favourite Technique – low kick 

Montage of fights:


Phone No. 0151 523 6203
Address 19 Warbreck Moor,
Walton Vale,
L9 4RN