Product Release Europe Ltd

Product Release Europe are a renowned applicator of a wide range of PR system coatings for industry. We can coat a wide variety of metallic substrates and our expertise enables us to tailor coating solutions to a wide range of problems such a sticking, friction and chemical attack (corrosion).

Product Release Ltd. was formed as a company in 1996 when Dansk Silicone Central ApS purchased the Industrial Bakeware Coating Division of George Wikinson (Burnley) Ltd. from Metralrax plc.  In March 1999 both companies amalgamated under the title “Product Release Europe” to show commitment to our customers both in the United Kingdom and Continental Europe.

We are now one of the largest manufacturing and coating applicators of bakeware in Northern Europe.

From our factories in the United Kingdom, Denmark and China, we are able to provide the most comprehensive range of Coating Systems, together with an in depth knowledge of the requirements of bakeries and medical companies both large and small offering diveres products across the whole of Europe.

Development/Research and close monitoring with the customer are the formula for the success of Product Release Europe.

Mission Statement
Product Release Europe believes in innovation. We’re driven by it.

We get paid for better results and make the industry more productive by applying the most comprehensive range of FDA approved coating systems

Phone No. 0151 549 1491
Address Cusson Road, Kirkby, Merseyside L33 7BY