Vee’s Place

Vees Place Support Centre was set up to improve the health and general well-being of our community, through health initiatives, formal and informal educational sessions, advocacy, advice and guidance, peer to peer support, recreational activities etc. we aim to improve the quality of life and reduce social and economic constraints in our society.

We provide an accessible community facility for people of most ages who experience such things as poverty, mental health issues or live in isolation. We host a  library, mini gym, IT suite, sewing and crochet room, food shop, tea rooms, games room and social and recreational activities to improve conditions of life.

We Believe that the best way to provide all these services is through a centre that acts as a community hub, open and accessible to all residents regardless of age, race, sex and gender orientation.

Phone No. 0151 289 3602
Address Church Building,
80 Kemble Street,
L34 5SH