Emerging Leaders Programme


16th -18th April 2019

Inspires and empowers participants to lead with authenticity, purpose and integrity.

‘Who we are is how we lead. If we want authentic and trustworthy leaders, we must prioritise self-awareness. Until we improve self-awareness, understand our own values and understand how to align our actions to these values, we cannot be true to who we are. Across the board we need to demand a culture than enables leaders, and even more importantly, emerging leaders, to do the work on themselves.’

Paul Oginsky, CEO, PDP.

What does ELP cover and what are the desired outcomes?

ELP will take participants through 7 areas of development that we believe are paramount to successful leadership in thriving organisations:

  • Building self awareness

The starting point for personal wellbeing and the cornerstone to emotional intelligence and authenticity.

Desired Outcomes: Understanding ourselves better so that we can manage our thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

  • Determining values – clarity of purpose

Desired outcomes: Clarifying and understanding your values and aligning your actions to those values. Inspiring others to do the same.

  • Addressing barriers to change and growth (within oneself and one’s organisation)

Desired outcomes: Identifying triggers and reactions, resolving conflict, managing negative attitudes, tackling resistance to change, challenging organisational culture, inspiring positivity.

  • Making meaningful connectionsDesired outcomes: Building healthy relationships with oneself and others through active listening, empathy, being present and mindful, nurture those around you, investing quality time in people.
  • Building resilience in times of change and adversity

To build resilient teams you must first build and show your own resilience.

Desired outcomes: Remembering your values, being transparent in decision-making, building mutual trust and mutual accountability, acting with confidence and assertiveness, building commitment to a common vision, exercising self-control and positive thinking.

  • Developing the ability to reflect purposefully

Whilst we learn some things by doing them, we learn the most by reflecting on what we have done. There is great power group reflection.

Desired Outcomes: Observing change, building the courage to ask and answer meaningful questions, practicing emotional control, giving and receiving feedback, understating actions and being able to interpret and conceptualise them. Building reflective practice into everyday lives.

  • Transferring learning Desired outcomes: Proactively taking the learning from our programme back to workplaces and lives. Identify and create daily opportunities to practice what you have learned to ensure continuous growth

What is PDPs take on experiential learning ?

In ELP we use experiential learning that is theory based.

  • Participants will experience and engage directly in challenging activities
  • They will take part in reflective observation
  • The will analayse the learning and gain a conceptual understanding of the theory in relation to the experience
  • They will learn how to transfer the learning through active practice

ELP takes the participants on a journey of self-discovery and is a catalyst for growth and change.

Our team creates a unique environment that is both fun and relatable, but also challenging and stretching beyond what participants have experienced in the past.

We believe the unique challenges we create leave an emotional imprint on the brain that surpasses other forms of training. We immerse participants in tough challenges where natural behaviours surface. This type of immersion enables participants to connect more deeply with the content.

Who will benefit most from ELP ?

For our April ELP we want to encourage organisations to send:

  • Up and coming team members with potential leadership ability
  • Team leaders/project leaders new to their role or moving into leadership for the first time
  • Those transitioning from being an individual contributor to taking on line management responsibility
  • Those who have been put in charge of a new area of work


Cost: £800 + VAT. Early bird booking discount – pay just £550 + VAT.

For further information or to book a place/s please email: sianette@pdpuk.com