Engineering Solutions & Automation (ESA) – one year of providing screening solutions and keeping businesses trading

It has now been more than a year since ESA diversified from their usual engineered solutions and their role as an established provider of special purpose machinery, production equipment and services and they began delivering screening solutions to a new, growing market.

Back in April 2020 ESA adopted a new ‘Keeping you safe’ approach and started designing, building and installing protection screens in shops, offices, factories, restaurants, hotels, care homes and leisure facilities across the region.

In an interview with Knowsley Chamber in April 2020, Simon Stanley, Director of ESA Ltd told us that they were diversifying into helping others stay open: “We can manufacture partition screens of any size, from table top to floor mounted solutions – with or without wheels. Our screens will assist companies who want to provide additional protection in order to isolate and protect staff where 2 metre social distancing might not be possible”.

Now one year on and ESA have installed screening in business locations; universities, NHS hospitals and trusts, council buildings, retail outlets and much more. From their 11,000 sq. ft. facility in the heart of Knowsley they continue to support their existing clients with special purpose machinery and production equipment, but they have diversified their range and put their comprehensive workshop and skills to use, helping protect others.

One year on, Simon added: “We have been assisting businesses to keep staff safe when returning to work by providing custom social distancing screens to provide a physical barrier. Our installs have even given care homes the chance to bring some joy to their residents by installing dividing visiting rooms with a sealed screen to allow guests and family to meet.”

“A year ago one part of our business really dropped off and we had to generate a new revenue stream, as a lot of clients in that sector were shutting down, particularly during the first lockdown. Our screens offered ESA a new lifeline and also offered opportunities to all businesses who wanted to reopen but might not have the space to do so safely. Not only are the screens functional but they don’t look too much out of place and will last for years to come.”

If you are interested in finding out more, contact Simon Stanley at ESA.

E-Mail or call Simon on: 07734 876 442