Enterprise Adviser Network – Can you Assist?

All About Stem is looking for Senior Managers from local businesses to join the Enterprise Adviser Network (EAN) to better connect schools to the World of Work.

The EAN is a national network of business leaders who work with schools and colleges to create meaningful encounters between pupils and employers and to develop strategic plans to ensure schools are developing career strategies that inform and develop young people to be aware of the world of work and be ready for the next step of the career.

The program benefits businesses by enabling them to develop the future talent pool, provide staff development, network with other committed organisations and increase their own outreach and engagement, widening their access to a diverse range of young talent. As a result of engagement in the program so far, schools in the Liverpool City Region have already seen an increase in employer engagement and are accessing more funded careers programs to inform and inspire the young people of the region.

In practice, the Enterprise Adviser works alongside an Enterprise Coordinator, who understands the careers landscape and works with the Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership to assist the school in developing a careers strategy that results in the school delivering a structured and well-developed careers programme.

As this is a strategic role an enterprise adviser is not required to work directly with young people but rather, inform and develop the schools working practice to ensure each individual young person receives relevant careers advice and guidance at the appropriate point in their school journey.

For more details please contact Dave Armson dave@allaboutstem.co.uk