Knowsley Outbreak Management Webinar – Working together to prevent disruption to business

October 6, 2020, 11:00 - 12:30 Zoom

In Knowsley we believe that working in partnership gets the best results. Better Together!

This webinar brings together our local Public Health Team and Working Well experts from Knowsley Council and the Chamber to provide businesses in Knowsley with the latest information on the Covid-19 outbreak management plan.

This 90 minute online event is FREE to attend and will raise awareness of our local approach to outbreaks, how they will be managed, and what support is available.
Prevention is better than cure! Ideally we want to work together to prevent an outbreak rather than manage one. So, the session will initially focus on prevention plans:
• Prevent COVID 19 cases, clusters & outbreaks
• Reduce onward transmission through rapid identification and isolation
• Identify outbreaks early
• Prevent future cases with prevention and control measures
• Capture joint learning to develop and share best practice

We will also provide details of the Knowsley Outbreak Management Plan, should a local lock-down come into force.

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