Trading in a Post BREXIT World Delivered by Liverpool & Sefton Chamber

March 13, 2019, 9:30 - 12:30 Liverpool Racquet Club

Does your company move goods and services between the UK and other EU countries? Have you planned how you’ll continue doing this once the UK has left the EU in under a year’s time? Why not join us to find out and ask your own questions?

Companies need to be compliant and have due diligence in all their import and export transactions. There will be changes in global trade practices. This course is designed to help you to understand current topics discussed in the international arena:

•Do you know where the new risks and complexity are in your supply chain?
• Post BREXIT trading will mean a whole new process for getting goods to the EU. Worse, we’ll all have very little time to adjust to it.
• Trade agreements take a long time to negotiate, so if a “hard” Brexit is implemented, UK products will become more expensive in many markets.


This course is applicable to anybody wanting to be aware of the changes and the impact that BREXIT may have in their business and the best way to prepare for it


– With the UK’s exit from the EU therewill be changes affecting VAT and proof of eort, be ready
-Commodity Code, Duty
-Free trade Agreements and the impact of a Hard BREXIT
-Customs Declarations after BREXIT
-Rules of Origin and their effect in your business
Q & A

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