Qi-Gong With Dr Lily

Medical Qi-Gong…Your Health is your Wealth.

Unlock your body’s natural healing power with medical Qi-Gong!

 Your medical Qi-Gong journey begins today.

What is Qi-Gong I hear you say?

Qi is energy, Gong is the flow of the energy.  Traditional Chinese Medicine has existed over 4000 years and is a comprehensive medical system with its own principles and therapies and diagnostics.  TCM views the body as an organic whole with a network of meridians connecting and co-ordinating the internal organs.

As you learn the traditional Chinese practice to promote vital energy and the balance of the YIN and the YANG.

Basically QI is like the traffic flow & traffic jams on the body’s energy highway.

What to expect from the event?

30 minute presentation from Dr Lilly Zu– Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner & Qi-Gong Master.

Three line relax Gong and inner organ relaxation – this is a relaxation guided by Dr Lilly Zu, can be seated or standing.

Learn gentle Qi-Gong movements level 1 to improve the energy flow in your body to promote your health and wellbeing through one of the five pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practices.

This is a free event, however the terms and conditions of booking indicate that failure to provide at least 3 working days notice will result in a charge of £25 plus VAT per person.

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