As a Manufacturing business in Knowsley our Executive Partner, ABGI-UK would like to extend an opportunity for you to talk to them to see if you qualify for up to three full suites of SolidWorks 3D CAD software, completely free for 12-months. VALUED AT UP TO £6,000!

Why Digital Transformation?

Modernising manufacturing through digital transformation is the key to cutting costs from manufacturing processes AND making manufacturers more responsive and resilient in challenging market conditions;
Conservative estimates indicate that applying digital technology and analytical tools can lead to efficiency gains in the range of 40% – 50%, with some companies reporting cost savings between 5% and 10%.

How can we help?

For many the real blocker to embracing digital transformation is the gap between the upfront cost commitment and the realisation of the resulting benefits.

To help our members test the waters of digital manufacturing and evidence the benefits for themselves, ABGI is offering:

up to three free 12-month subscriptions to the entire SolidWorks 3D CAD suite, as well as;
user support;
access to the SolidWorks user community and;
potential co-marketing initiatives.

This industry-leading 3D CAD software can manage all aspects of the design and manufacturing process from initial design, to costing, testing, proof-of-concept, direct 3D printing/manufacturing output, technical documentation and marketing materials.

To qualify for this offer, your company:

should be designing and manufacturing physical products, and;
shouldn’t be a current Solidworks licence holder.

To find out more about how you take advantage of this offer, and to kickstart your own digital transformation journey, talk to ABGI today.

Contact Russell McGrath on 07572 238 503 or email