Go with the Flow says serial entrepreneur

An acclaimed business coach adept in wellness methods to help businesses and organisation excel is inspiring a new breed of online learners. John Bullock, a former British kick boxing champion and entrepreneur with several businesses creating life changing sums set out to offer his experience of business and life in 2019.

Also a former school teacher, accountant and property agency founder, the colourful Liverpudlian is now impressing audiences online with his courses and emphasis on being in Flow as he explained.“It took me three decades to be able to translate exactly why i’ve been successful after being asked many times and i’ve reached the point in my life now where i want to share that knowledge.

“It can be summed up simply too.

“Right now and for a lot of people, every day is Ground Hog Day.

“My point is, how you lead your work life and life outside work doesn’t have to be like that!

“Let’s face it, regardless of the Pandemic, how many people were just doing the same old thing out of habit both in work and spare time and couldn’t break that habit…and all because they weren’t in Flow.

“Get in Flow and watch your life change before your eyes, so long as you’re willing to commit.”

John’s latest course comes on the back of his training being taken up by, amongst others, a combat military logistics unit based in the North West of England.

“Obviously these guys are already dedicated and very committed in what they do and even they were curious to see what additional marginal gains they could make from Flow.

“Imagine the huge leap those feeling lost can make from being in Flow.

“Literally anyone can create positive changes in their life through Flow, maximising their work and life performance in the process,” enthuses John.

Check out www.painpointcoach.co.uk for further information