Go Green by name, Go Green by nature…

Go Green Office Solutions is more than just a catchy and marketable name. To the team, it is a commitment to their mission.

“Our mission and pledge are to do our part in helping the environment within the office fit-out industry. We uphold our pledge to help the environment by reducing some of the 200,000 tonnes in office furniture, that is perfectly usable in their current state and another quarter of which that could be upcycled, from being dumped in landfills each year.”

The team do this by taking redundant office furniture that will then be looked over by the team. The good quality furniture will be resold, where possible, and go back into circulation or donated to local charities. While any items that are beyond repair will be stripped down to their elements and sent to the appropriate recycling units.

During the first lockdown in 2020, the team donated over 100 chairs to home workers from the NHS and Liverpool University. “It was our way of saying thank you.”

The team have also been working with local universities to find a way of lifting the plastic coating off the desks, so they too can be broken down into elements, reused and recycled.

“We already work with many businesses to help them reap the benefits of reducing waste, developing sustainable products, and using resources in an efficient way.”

As well as providing quality new and used office furniture Go Green Office Solutions services also include office space design, office furniture installation, ethical furniture recycling and office relocation.

“We make the process of acquiring a new office hassle free, as we are there for our clients from the design phase all the way to moving your people in.”

“We recently assisted HMS with the design and installation for two floors in their offices for 70 staff. Our team created a visualisation of what would work best for the space, and we also looked at incorporating colours to reflect their corporate logo.”

The completed project was met with huge praise from the client and the team do all of this while sticking true to their mission of doing their part in making a more eco-friendly and sustainable office industry.

FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO CONTACT GO GREEN FOR YOUR OFFICE SOLLUTIONS CLICK HERE: https://www.knowsleychamber.org.uk/directory/go-green-office-furniture-ltd/