Go Green Office Solutions has partnered with Speedo Mick for next charity adventure

Go Green Office Solutions has partnered with the legendary Speedo Mick for his next big charity driven adventure.

“We have reached out to our contacts and pulled together a network of support for Mick’s latest journey. We chose Mick’s charity because of its connection to our local community that we work with every day. We want to give back by helping the community’s disabled, disadvantaged, and vulnerable who really need help and The Speedo Mick Foundation is perfect for doing just that.”

Speedo Mick is currently well underway in his latest walk. This time he is on a mammoth five-month trek across the UK and Ireland to hand out cash raised from his previous adventures – as well as raising even more. Mick has been meeting the great British public in supermarkets, hotels and even on the roadside. One generous individual had drove 20+ miles to personally hand Mick his donation on the roadside.

His newest mission, the ‘Speedo Mick Giving Back Tour’ started on May 31 and Mick is well on his way to covering 2,000 miles, taking in five capital cities – London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Dublin, and Belfast. Starting from Stornoway, in Scotland’s Western Isles, and ending in Liverpool.

He is braving the elements while only wearing his trademark blue undies, as well as a swimming cap, Everton scarf and a pair of boots. Mick is going across the country while dealing with the UK’s infamously unpredictable weather shows how dedicated he is to this cause, and he does it all while dancing with a smile on his face.

The main goal is to identify good causes in communities that are deserving of some of the funds he has already raised through previous missions, with a focus on underprivileged or homeless young people and mental health initiatives. So, if you would like to contribute the Mick’s cause then please give what you can to his GoFundMe page…