Go Green’s mission to reduce carbon emission

Since 2017, Go Green’s mission is to reduce carbon emissions by reducing the tonnes of perfectly useable office furniture heading into landfill sites across the UK, which will ultimately assist in helping to create a more sustainable future.

We work closely with our local recycling plants/centres, Spotmix (wood) and EMR (metal), to ensure that our old furniture that is too poor quality, will be ethically treated rather than just being burnt. We also achieve this through our full-to-capacity warehouses (14,000 sq. ft and 15,000 sq.ft. ) where we house our quality used and upscaled furniture that we have prevented from going to landfill.

20% of landfill is made up of office furniture and 80% of that is furniture that is in good enough condition to be put back into circulation for use by SME’s…

Businesses should consider buying used furniture – not only as it is ethical but it’s also much cheaper! You can save 70% on the costs of buying used – so it’s not always expensive to do the right thing.

By giving your furniture a second life, you are not only reducing the impact of buying brand-new goods on the environment but lessening the number of landfills, preserving resources, and promoting sustainability in your workplace.

Contact Go Green today to discuss how your office can adopt eco-friendly practices in your workspace. We offer a variety of quality used furniture and can offer your business many office services such as fitouts, relocations, downsizing, up-sizing as well as PPE & Workwear.

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