International Trade

We offer fast, accurate and affordable export documentation to help your business export and import successfully.  Our export documentation service can be provided via the e-z Cert online system or collected in person from our colleagues at St Helens Chamber.

European Certificates of Origin
A Certificate of Origin is a signed statement verifying where a product has been made. It is a printed document which must be completed by an exporter or their agent and certified by an issuing body They are often required for overseas customs clearance.  They can be applied for either in person, by post, courier or electronically.

EUR1 Movement Certificates
A EUR1, also known as a ‘movement document’ enables importers in certain countries to import goods at a reduced rate or nil rate of import duty under trade agreements between the EU and beneficiary countries.

A.TR Certificates
The A.TR Certificate entitles goods which are in ‘free circulation’ in the EU (i.e. the goods are EU originating, or on importation into the EU, all the relevant duties and taxes have been paid) to receive preferential import duty when shipped to Turkey.

Arab and Egyptian Documents
Certification and legalisation of all Arab and Egyptian Documents. Contact us for individual quotations for all your Arab and Egyptian Documents.

Other Documents
We can arrange ATA Documents for businesses requiring temporary importation on commercial samples, professional equipment, or goods going to either a trade fair or exhibition. Your customers will often require other letters, documents or agreements formally stamped and signed by your local Chamber.

About e-z Cert
An electronic export documentation service which enables EC Certificates of Origin, EUR1, AT.R  and invoices to be electronically certified online.  Registration is free and can be completed online in just a few moments. By using our e-z Cert service you can have your documents certified and returned to you in minutes, whilst being secure and at no extra charge to the customer. To find out more phone 0151 477 1356 or email us

Advice and Training
If you are interested in attending export training courses then please contact us.  Members receive significant discount on all export courses.

Our documentation staff are extremely knowledgeable and will advise and help you with matters relating to document processing and the charges.

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