Introducing Knowsley Council Environmental Health, Trading Standards and Licensing Teams…

Sometimes your day doesn’t run as smoothly as it could. Sometimes things can come up that you need to address but you are not sure where to turn. This week Knowsley Chamber met with the Knowsley Council Environmental Health, Trading Standards and Licensing Teams. They shared with us the amazing list of services and support that they can offer Knowsley based businesses. It is a surprisingly long and varied list.

It is also important that businesses keep up to date with changes in legislation and best practice to trade safely and successfully and remain legally compliant. The Environmental Health, Trading Standards and Licensing Teams can provide business advice on a range of topics including:

Trading Standards

•       Product Safety
•       Intellectual Property
•       Animal Feed
•       Weights and Measures
•       Fair Trading


•       Taxi Licensing
•       Premises Licensing

Environmental Health

•       Food Safety
•       Food Standards
•       Industrial Emissions (Pollution Prevention and Control)
•       Animal Welfare and Licensing

The teams will also deal with a raft of other enquires from health & safety at work to pest infestations and wild animal licensing!

If you need to contact the teams please get in touch with us at Knowsley Chamber and we will direct you to the team.