JK Pallets the journey so far….

Formed in 2012, JK Pallets process and distribute wood pallets to a network of industrial customers predominantly in the North West.

Although the company’s founder Jordan Kemp had no previous experience of running a business, with support from family and friends he had been successful in managing and growing the business with relative ease.

However, as the business was growing and employing more staff, Jordan realised he needed to formalise business processes and procedures, including how staff were recruited, managed and trained. As he recalls;

‘’We felt that the informality that had characterised the way we recruited, managed and developed our staff previously was no longer good enough as the business has grown with more employees. Organisationally it was becoming far more complex to control and manage, and staff morale and absenteeism were posing real problems ……… we needed changes in how the business was organised in order to continue to sustain growth and this was why we contacted Sheila Toft at Knowsley Chamber of Commerce’’

Following Sheila’s advice JK Pallets joined the Knowsley Chamber of Commerce. Membership of Knowsley Chamber of Commerce gave the company access to the Chamber’s HR advice, Contract of Employment documents and guidance.

With support from Invest Knowsley the key components of HR were formalised. Internal communications have improved and there is greater transparency in how employees are managed and rewarded as Jordan explains:

‘’All our staff now have good awareness of what is expected of them in their respective roles. Morale has improved dramatically ………… absenteeism and turnover of staff have reduced dramatically and with consultancy support from the Business Growth Programme we were able to enlist external expertise to develop our website which has helped to continue to expand our customer base with new customers such as ASDA, The Hut Group, Dominos and Yodel’’.

JK Pallets Ltd, Huyton Business Centre, Ellis Ashton Street, L36 6BN

Telephone:  0151 384 2143    Website:  www.jkpallets.com