JohnPaul 5-aside football league

The JohnPaul Project are launching a new JohnPaul 5-aside football league at Kirkby Leisure Centre as part of the supporting Veterans in the community. The new league will be named after JohnPaul, a soldier in our community who suffered severely from PTSD after returning home from the military, he struggled to get to grips with civilization again which lead to him taking his own life.

The JohnPaul league will bring Veterans together to operate physically as part of a team. Veterans will also be able to recruit friends and family members to join their 5-aside team.

The league will be facilitated at the Kirkby Leisure Centre with the fixtures scheduled on a Wednesday night between 20:00pm – 21:45pm and is coordinated by Sean Scott.

It will be run with qualified referees officiating each fixture. The league will consist of 8 teams battling it out for the JohnPaul league title over the course of 14 weeks.

A JohnPaul league table can be located on the JohnPaul Projects website – Teams joining the league will be able to create their own unique team name.

If you would like to get involved, you can apply on the services section on the JohnPaul website or contact Sean Scott on the following email