Kirkbiography – Based or from Kirkby, get involved

As with all biographies, they are an account of someone’s life written by someone else. Our project, Kirkbiography, is a community project offering local people the opportunity to share their stories, films and photographs, to celebrate and tell the many personal histories of Kirkby; past, present and offering aspirations for the future by its younger residents.

Unique to this project, we wish to present these photographs, films and personal stories, very visibly in and around the town, whether that be via a series of temporary large scale photographic hoardings; HGV curtain-sider lorries offering back-projected films as drive-thru’s in various locations that have a connection and meaning to the film being presented (or intimate cinema screenings onboard the HGV’s)  or even a projected film and/or photographs in other public realm situations. Collectively, we hope that through this series of large-scale outdoor interventions, that Kirkby transforms into an open photograph / scrap album whereby people have the opportunity to engage and connect more with the town itself as informed by the people who know it best. Serving to connect the trail, will be an app’ / QR code series which will map out where the scrapbook pages are located so that people can visit its many public stories.

Kirkbiography is one of Knowsley’s Township projects, which is part of the many cultural activities taking place on the run up to the Knowsley Borough of Culture in 2022. This is part of the Liverpool City Region’s Culture Programme which provides funding to each borough so that they can celebrate the things that make them unique. And 2022 is our year to shine!

Knowsley is a borough of storytellers with many famous writers, such as Willy Russell, Phil Redmond and Alan Bleasdale, coming from the area, as well as links to William Shakespeare and Edward Lear through Knowsley Hall. Therefore, ‘Storytelling’ is our theme for 2022 and we want our Knowsley communities to tell their stories in creative and unusual ways.

Every Knowsley town and village will have the opportunity to celebrate their fascinating stories and heritage through a range of events, projects and exhibitions throughout 2022, and Kirkbiography is an exciting opportunity for Kirkby residents to tell theirs and do so on a major, creative scale.

BUSINESSES – Can you help? does your business have a history in Kirkby? Do you have any archieve footage and photographs etc…

For more information, contact:

Tina Ball, Culture Development & Events Officer (Gallery & Museum)

T: 0151 443 4936 /