Knowsley Buddyboost Challenge – 1-26 July 2021

Encourage your workforce to be healthy and support their mental wellbeing…

Buddyboost is an app-based challenge beginning on the 1st July for 26 days which your workplace can sign up to for free.

It is for absolutely everybody, because your daily minutes can be any sort of activity – even a walk – and it doesn’t matter how far or how fast people go, just that they do their 26 minutes and support their buddies to do theirs.

Based on a simple challenge format, colleagues buddy up in groups of up to 6 and support each other to do 26 minutes of exercise a day for 26 days in a row in order to give a boost to their fitness and a boost to their mood.

The buddy groups are a great way for colleagues to support each other, to be accountable to each other – and to have fun together too. And it’s all done through a nice, simple (and free) app.

One of the great thing about being active, is that it helps with mental wellbeing too. Over 10,000 people have now taken part in a buddyboost challenge (including workplaces across St Helens and Liverpool) and seen an average mood increase of 25% on completion of their daily minutes.

Still not sure??? How about some short intro videos…

Knowsley intro:

Logging your activity:

Forming a buddy group:

If your Knowsley Business would like to know more, and/or, sign up to the Knowsley buddyboost challenge, then email Lorna Marshall who can make sure that your workplace is listed on the App:

Lorna can also share with you a range of promotional material (examples below) which you might need or want to share on noticeboards or direct to your workforce, including posters and a ‘how-to’ guide.