Knowsley Council – Meet the Employee Programme

Knowsley Council has developed the ‘Meet the Employee’ programme which enables pupils in our special needs schools and colleges to engage remotely with a range of businesses and employees to learn more about their job roles and the different skills that are needed for the work that they do.

The aim of the ‘Meet the Employee’ programme is to inspire and raise aspirations around employment and the benefits of having a job.  Using their mobile phone, employees record short video clips about their job, what they do, the skills they need etc. The clips are edited into a short film, and then shown to a group of students who think of some questions to ask the employee. A follow up Zoom meeting is arranged for the employee to meet the students and answer their questions.

Since September 2020, seventy pupils have accessed the programme and met with a range of different employees across different sectors.  Employee feedback has also been extremely positive.

Chamber Member, Nick Holden, Managing Director at NexusProtect, who took part in programme, said: “I would like to thank Sue and the ‘Meet the Employee’ programme for asking me to take part in the project and talk with the young people. They had plenty of great questions for me and were really interested in finding out more about the work that I do and have done in the past. I look forward to supporting the programme in the future.”

To find out more contact Sue Temple-Fielding on 0151 443 3054 or email