The Place

Knowsley – a place where people choose to invest, work and do business to achieve long-term economic prosperity.

With a well-established business base and an enviable location between the powerhouse cities of Liverpool and Manchester, Knowsley is in a perfect position for exceptional growth in the coming years. Attracting the right kind and volume of investment, businesses, homes and jobs is a major priority and something that the private and public sector are working together on.

“We get such incredible support from the local business network, including the Chamber of Commerce and the Borough Council that we’re planning on staying here for the next 50 years!

We now feel the move to Knowsley (which we consider the gateway to the Northern Powerhouse) is one of the smartest moves we made.”
Keith Hanshaw, Director, The Leather Satchel Co.

Growing confidence
Confidence in Knowsley’s economy is at a high. The borough is home to circa 3,700 businesses, including a plethora of strong locally grown small and medium sized enterprises, but also some of the UK’s most successful companies such as Jaguar Land Rover, Matalan, QVC and Glen Dimplex. Investment in business parks has contributed to an increase of more than 6,000 jobs since 2009, the largest rate of growth in the Liverpool City Region. Over the last five years alone, the number of manufacturing businesses in Knowsley has increased at five times the national rate.

Key strengths
In order to achieve the growth we aspire to in the coming years, we will focus on our key strengths not only within the context of Knowsley itself but also within the wider Liverpool City Region economy.  It is evident the Advanced Manufacturing and Freight & Logistics sectors are where our strengths and experience lies and already we play a pivotal role in these industries within the City Region. We also make a significant contribution to the City Region’s Visitor Economy, Professional Services and Low Carbon sectors. In Knowsley itself the Retail and Housing sectors have also been identified as local priorities to focus on in the near future.

This clarity on our priority sectors also means that we are able to identify from a geographical perspective where our ‘growth corridors’ should be. Aligning industry to infrastructure and services means that in effect we are able to create the right conditions, sites and opportunities to attract new businesses considering Knowsley as a location.

This focused approach aims to support, attract and grow businesses in accordance to these key sectors. This will ensure the borough continues to grow its own economic base and make a significant contribution to the GDP of the City Region.





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