KnowsleyFutures – engagement with businesses

KnowsleyFutures is a borough-wide storytelling project, aiming to capture local people’s stories of the COVID-19 pandemic so far.  The project is being run by The Young Foundation and is funded by the National Lottery.

The purpose of the project is to encourage local people and businesses to share their experiences of the pandemic so far and highlight how we have been responding in these challenging times.

The Chamber is well aware that businesses across the borough have played a vital role in the response to COVID-19 whilst working hard to keep their operations running.  It is important that your contributions are recognised in this important project. Knowsley Council is seeking to understand how all of Knowsley’s society is responding to the pandemic. From supporting vulnerable residents to providing vital food supplies and everything inbetween.

We want to capture your stories. Here is an example of what we are looking for:

Stories Looking Back

  • How has your business responded to the pandemic?  How have you, your organisation and community coped?
  • What do you want others to know about how your business and the wider community has responded?
  • What made you proud of your business and community?
  • Did anybody or any part of your business go out of their way to help others?
  • Were you surprised by any random acts of kindness?  What happened?  How did it make you feel?
  • What new relationships or infrastructure has formed?  How has your community come together?
  • What one event or experience sums up your business and community’s response to COVID?
  • Who has been your local hero throughout the COVID crisis?  What did they do?  What would you like them to know?
  • Have you noticed anything changing in your community about relationships and support between friends, family, neighbours, community groups, the Council, and local businesses?


Stories Looking to the Future

  • Are there things that have happened since the start of the pandemic that have given you inspiration for how your business and the wider Knowsley community could be different in the future?  What would this look like compared to “normal”?
  • What does your post-COVID “utopia” look like?
  • Have you and your business developed any new relationships through your crisis response that you would like to keep going post COVID?
  • How would you like to see your business develop its role in supporting the local community?
  • Has there been anything that has disappointed you about how your business or community response to the pandemic?  How could this change in the future?
  • Imagine your organisation in ten years’ time – what sort of organisation do you want to be?  Has this direction been influenced by the pandemic and your response in any way?  What does the community look like?  What does it feel like to live and work in Knowsley?


This Lottery funded project is part of a national enquiry in 52 locations across the UK to explore with an open mind what is happening and changing in communities.  Insights from the project will be used to identify what support will be needed in communities as we transition to recovery and renewal after the impact of COVID-19.  The project outcomes will inform the Lottery’s future strategy and funding priorities for places like Knowsley.