KPAIS rebrands to become Better Lives

The rebranding of KPAIS to become Better Lives has been a dedicated and heartfelt piece of work undertaken over a number of years. From our first thoughts of change in 2016 we have discussed, planned, shared and finalised in order to move to a strong future that all involved are excited  to see.

Our stakeholders are made up of trustees, staff, community organisations and statutory services but are always led by the vision and wishes of the older people who use the services we have created with them.

How our services are developed and delivered is the key to representing who we are and high quality is our core commitment.

KPAIS has, at his heart, always had a passion for the independence of individuals and finding a way for their voices to be heard. This passion is taken forward into enabling better lives and we hope that through our vision and actions we can continue to help our community achieve great things through connecting, listening, advocating and supporting.

KPAIS will become Better Lives but a new name does not lose the essence of who we are, instead it takes us forward to grow from the past.

Better Lives carries the ethos of our original purpose with a fresh approach to the future so that we can continue to strengthen independence with vision, passion and commitment to each individual.

Our new website can be found at