Liverpool City Region Freeport – Group and Board Positions

The Growth Platrform are working closely with the Combined Authority to progress the Liverpool City Region Freeport, with Amion consulting appointed to develop the outline and detailed business case to Government.

The Freeport vision is for it to engage and benefit the whole City Region and be very much be driven and supported by business.

As we enter this critical development phase, Growth Platform, on behalf of the LEP and CA, is seeking to actively involve local businesses in providing resource to inform and support this development over the coming weeks and months and we would welcome your support and involvement in this process.

To establish and run our successful Freeport will require a wide range of expertise and there are a number of formal Board, Steering Group, Thematic Sub Group and Executive positions to be filled to deliver this.

Ahead of this, to complement and support, we are keen to hear from businesses who wish to be involved and who may have expertise that can support this phase of development. This involvement may lead to more formalised opportunities but at this stage we are keen to identify who has expertise, interest and capacity to support this important initiative and could provide some support now working with Growth Platform .

Some of the expertise needed, includes:

  • Port and logistics
  • Customs
  • Tax
  • Import/Export
  • Property Development
  • Finance
  • Investment
  • Innovation/Digitisation
  • Sustainability
  • Skills/Recruitment
  • Marketing/Promotion


We have a unique opportunity to shape our Freeport and ensure that the private sector is integral to its development and ultimate effectiveness for the whole of our City Region.

If you interested in this opportunity and have expertise and capacity to join a group or board and take this forward then the Growth Platform want to hear from you.

Please email and let Neil know of your interest in getting involved and in what capacity and the Growth Pltform will contact you to discuss this in more detail over the course of the next week or so.