Local business’s join forces to INS-pire the next generation of Construction Apprentices

The Forshaw Group (TFG) continue to promote and support the INS-pire Apprenticeship Academy  through their second Knowsley Apprenticeship Partnership Open Day hosted on 9 April 2021.

A number of local businesses attended to meet the 22 youngsters from All Saint’s High School who have expressed an interest in pursuing apprenticeships in the construction sector.

These included Structec, FSH, Futureflow & Hayes Electrical.THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

The event was a huge success with introductions from the employers in discussing opportunities and setting their expectations for future roles in the various business’s.

The attendees also took part in several presentations and demonstrations around the skills and services on offer.

TFG’s Mike Dryhurst was first apprentice to join the national INS-pire Academy back in 2014 and gave a great insight into what he has achieved from his trade training and Community, Charity & Challenge Enhancement days by sharing his own story and journey with the students.

All Saints Headmaster Tony McGuinness gave an emotional summary of the day in highlighting the importance of local business’s to work in collaboration with each other and the local schools to secure the employment opportunities for the skills required for the future.

TFG Managing Director said: ‘We are proud to support the brilliant work being done by all involved towards the values and virtues that we believe in for the future of our business’s, industry and wider community’,


TFG are aiming to find placements for 21 local apprentices. If your business can join the likes of TFG in providing interviews or work placements please make contact with TFG through Knowsley Chamber. There is also £8,500.00 funding available for these students.