Looking to hire or buy refrigerated shipping containers?

Gap Containers is a leading UK supplier. From chilled fresh groceries to packaged frozen goods a Gap container will ensure they stay at the required temperature and arrive in perfect condition.

Gap Container Services Limited offer two types of refrigerated storage containers (also known as reefers), namely:

1. Marine machinery high-performance containers
Temperature range from +25°C to -25°C. As such, they’re a suitable option for a variety of different products and are always available for sale and hire.

2. Low-noise, temperature-controlled containers
Temperature range from +5°C to -25°C – and thanks to their revolutionary design, they boast a range of additional benefits. For example, they create very little noise and are highly efficient – reducing power usage by 30%.

Both are available in a range of sizes, including 10ft, 20ft, 30ft and 40ft.

They feature:
• Fully lockable double doors or butcher’s doors
• An internal emergency door release mechanism
• Outer doors with a container lockbox for added security (if required)
• A ‘man-trapped’ alarm
• Aluminium chequer-plate flooring
• Interior lighting
• Emergency lighting

Depending on your specific needs, our temperature-controlled containers can also be fitted with an aluminium ramp and security grills. They’re available for a highly competitive price and can either be delivered to a UK address of your choice or collected from one of our depots across the country.
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