Lyndale Cancer Support Centre is looking for a local sponsor for their Show Time event

CAN YOU HELP? Lyndale Cancer Support Centre is a cancer support centre based in Huyton. They provide support to people affected by Cancer, their family and friends.

The team are organising their Show Time charity night event on 24th January at the Knowsley Leisure Centre, but the Show needs a local sponsor, in return for print and radio mentions…

The costs for the fundraising evening include the hire of the hall, the sound and lighting, plus printing for posters. Lyndale are seeking a Knowsley Chamber Member to sponsor the event at £1000.

Sponsorship will include a mention in the Booklet/Programme and a mention on BBC Radio Merseyside. Lyndale has secured presenter Helen Jones as compere for the Show. Lyndale staff will also be interviewed by Helen and this will ensure a radio plug. Helen will also plug the event all through January so that might provide further opportunities for the sponsor to get a mention in the New Year.

If you are interested in finding out more, please email: and we will put you in touch with the team.