Mass temperature sensor technology could aid Health & Safety of staff returning to work

Knowsley based Ventilux, is one of the largest Independent emergency lighting manufacturers in Europe, designs, manufactures and offers an extensive range of safety system products and services. 

Although they have closed their main manufacturing base they are working hard behind the scenes  with a technology company who are deploying ITDS-200 technology to help hospitals and schools across China and Hong Kong get back to work safely. The ITDS-200 is an unobtrusive remote mass screening intelligent body temperature detection system, using the latest sensor technology and Ventilux believe this system could aid the health and safety of staff returning to Businesses in the UK.

Unlike other products on the market the software included in ITDS has been designed to read up to 200 people at once & takes an image of anyone with an elevated temperature to allow easier tracking of individuals that may in turn need to be rechecked.

You can read more about the system and the technology in this PDF brochure here: ITDS-200 v2  or watch a demo video of the ITDS-200 here: