Modern meditation courses – Level 1

Sat & Sun 26th & 27th February

With 90% of doctors visits being due to stress and anxiety, there’s more and more reason to take time out for self-care and wellbeing.

Claire Morton, Ell&Dee Consultants and founder of The Purpose Pusher is delivering her popular in-person Modern Meditation Course for busy people in February.

“Through cultivating our own practice to self-awareness, within minutes you are able to pump the body with dopamine and serotonin allowing the body to come into rest and digest. So if you’d like to learn the art and skill of this beatifical practice, keep on reading for more details below and click the link to book on.”

Modern Meditation for busy people – Date for February

Venue: Knowsley Village, Merseyside.

Weekend date is: Sat & Sun 26th & 27th February

The time for each day 10am to 3pm.

10 hours of learning the tools, techniques and insight to aid you in cultivating a powerful practice so you can live life as a Creator not a Survivor. Be the Creator of YOUR LIFE.  Remember – “You don’t meditate to get good at meditation, You meditate to get good at life”.

Course outline:

Develop the knowledge and insight about meditation and mindfulness to cultivate your own experience and practise of this ancient art and skill.

On this course you will:

  1. Explore yogic philosophy and science to help you understand what meditationis and where it originates from
  2. Begin to experience and cultivate your own practise to relieve you from stress, blocked energy, limiting beliefs and the daily moderngrind
  3. Start to reconnect with who you are and what you came here for to this planet at this time
  4. Meet like minded people, in a safe space, who are looking for personal development, growth and change
  5. Feel lighter, loved and ready to change your life
  6. Walk away with your own practise, no need for apps, guided meditations or music – meditate from anywhere


All delivered in a relaxed, safe space experiencing all human emotions, including – humour, peace, calm and love.

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If you need anymore information, feel free to contact Claire on