Modern Slavery Statement

Demonstrating our commitment to end modern slavery and human trafficking, Knowsley Chamber makes a pledge to work with members, partners, and anchor organisations across the Liverpool City Region to safeguard our businesses, residents and those at risk or in situations of modern slavery and human trafficking, to make sure modern slavery and human trafficking has no place in our communities.

We support and promote the following principles:

  • Ensuring our pledge is considered as part of the Chamber’s business strategy and in formal decision-making processes
  • Making sure that our safeguarding, recruitment, and whistleblowing policies are all fully compliant with The Modern Slavery Act 2015
  • Due diligence is followed to eradicate modern slavery and human trafficking from our supply chains and that it is not a part of the Chamber’s workforce
  • Raise awareness of the crime among staff, members, and our communities, to be able to identify and refer victims of modern slavery and human trafficking
  • Making sure that those who provide the products and services we buy and sell are treated fairly, and that their fundamental human rights are respected.


Our pledge and principles are a starting point that we will continue to develop and adapt. We expect our members, partners and other anchor organisations to hold us accountable to these commitments. In turn, we expect others to be accountable for theirs and to demand the same standards from their customers and partners.