Morning After – Christmas Drink Drive Campaign

Many people will be enjoying a few drinks over the festive period, either in a bar, at a party or at home.  Whilst most wouldn’t even consider getting into their car and driving afterwards, more and more people are being caught drink-driving the following morning. This is because it takes a lot longer than most people think for alcohol to pass through the body.  Because of this, there is a real risk that people, who would never intentionally drink and drive, may get into their car and still be over the limit, or unfit to drive, the ‘morning after’ on their way to work.

Each year Merseyside Police arrest well over 1000 people who drive while under the influence of alcohol.  Many of these arrests are made the following day after drinking the previous evening. Your employees could be driving to work the next morning, or even driving for work on behalf of your business, and still be over the limit.

It’s really difficult to calculate how long it takes for alcohol to pass through the body but there are guidelines that can help someone to calculate roughly when their body is likely to be alcohol free, not simply under the drink-drive limit.  Knowsley’s Road Safety team has produced a ‘Morning After’ leaflet  which contains information about how long it takes for different alcoholic drinks to leave their body.

The Road Safety team also has limited availability to visit businesses to engage directly with staff.  As well as the leaflets, unit measure cups (to help them to calculate how many units that they have consumed when drinking at home) and single use breathalysers can be provided to allow your staff to check if they still have alcohol in their systems before they get into their car and drive.

Again, these visits to businesses have always been extremely well received by both employees and management.  There is no charge to your organisation for any of the resources or staff engagement! 

To request copies of the leaflet, arrange a visit from the Road Safety team, or for any other road safety advice please email  Deadline for leaflet requests is Friday 10th December.